We are researchers in image analysis and processing, computer vision and simulation, numerical optimization, machine learning, computational modelling, geometry

Copenhagen, Denmark
Joined September 2021
Check out work conducted in the image section by @SCzolbe to be presented at #NeurIPS2021!
Can we detect when geometric alignment algorithms make errors? 🔍 We introduce the first unsupervised, learning-based method for detecting changes in image topology, along with a new dataset for evaluation. Accepted to #neurips2021 arxiv.org/abs/2106.08233 1/5
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Join our section in beautiful Copenhagen to work on robotics!
Interesting PhD opportunities for collaboration with our section!
Become part of the ELLIS PhD program 🌍 You will be paired with leading academic and industrial researchers in Europe, including DIKU's @IAugenstein @christian_igel and @SergeBelongie. ellis.eu/news/ellis-phd-prog…
Congratulations to our very own Stefan Sommer!!!
⭐️New Synergy grants from @VILLUMFONDEN for data-driven research⭐️ Congratulations to @IAugenstein, @sommer_ai, Anders Krogh, and @WouterBoomsmaDK👏 Read about the new projects here👉 veluxfoundations.dk/en/villu… @DikuMachine @CopeNLU @ImageUCPH