How to apply: - U either in college/dropped out/never in. - Find a decentralized way to send me ur @rss3_ profile & what u wanna do with the 50k$ - Selection process; maybe through a DAO - You will write sth like `no go back to large company/college` on chain! - 馃挵 -> 馃憪 Web3!
Hi ser! I would like to offer you 50k$ for dropping out of UC Berkeley and entering University of Web3!
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Nov 28, 2021 路 12:11 PM UTC

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I am loving to get this offer of $50k. I will not going back to large company or college bcoz I see the future of web3.0 that offers individuals have their own domain to generate earning. I will start with a metaverse and build a world for my loved family, friends, and pets.
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I think you are different, unlike yesterday鈥檚 Monaco Planet, I firmly believe that you will get better and better, and be a loyal follower. 0xBf1d5e9dfaF4607A122f8418A084eFAc2e8C005c
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